When Beauty Tamed The Beast

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When Beauty Tamed The Beast
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Plaukta cena 2,99 €
Kategorija: Daiļliteratūra angļu valodā
Autors James E.
Izdošanas gads 2011
ISBN 9780351324352

If only Miss Linnet Berry Thrynne hadn't been caught kissing a prince. But the town has quickly conspired to believe Linnet to be with royal child - and therefore unmarriageable - so she might as well make her desperate father happy by consenting to wed a beast. A brilliant surgeon with a reputation for losing his temper - and a wound believed to have left him... incapable - Piers, Earl of Marchant, should welcome a bride-to-be carrying a ready-made, blue-blooded heir. Piers isn't fooled by the lady's subterfuge, and though Linnets devilishly smart and lovely, there will be no wedding of beauty to beast. Still, Linnet finds the gorgeous brute intriguing. And it's obvious to the naked eye that 'incapable' does not mean 'uninterested'.

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