Soft Decoration: Fabrics in Home Design

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Soft Decoration: Fabrics in Home Design
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Plaukta cena 28,99 €
Kategorija: Dizains. Interjers
Autors Du D.
Izdevējs Design Media Publishing Limited
Izdošanas gads 2014
ISBN 9789881507082

A good design touches the inner world of human beings by carefully studying their eagerness for space their feelings, demands, aspirations, and dreams In a good design, space is seen as a component of men, for which they have a sense of belonging; space and men are integrated into one. These goals can be achieved with the help of soft decoration. Precious metals, expensive furniture, or rare materials are not necessarily applied in all home design, though they are indispensible components of luxurious spaces. More often than not, designers prefer fabrics to build intimate, soft home spaces. Soft decoration offers an effective approach to create your cosy and delicate home."

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