Alexander von Humboldt Botanical Illustrations Poster

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Alexander von Humboldt Botanical Illustrations Poster
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Kategorija: Mākslas albumi
Autors Baume O.
Izdevējs Prestel
Izdošanas gads 2019
ISBN 9783791385136

More than two centuries after Alexander von Humboldt established himself as a scientific trailblazer, the work of this pioneering explorer and naturalist is being rediscovered. Humboldt's travels in the Americas and Cuba were hailed by many as the "scientific discovery of America". These intricate botanical masterpieces reveal his revolutionary findings as he traveled through jungles, across rivers, and over mountainous terrain. Technically precise, these delicately tinted prints are equally appealing to anyone who appreciates fine art and botanical illustration. Perfect for close study as well as decoration, this treasury of botanical delight will help brighten any room and inspire anyone drawn to the beauty of the natural world.

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