Alex Pardee's Doppelgangers

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Alex Pardee's Doppelgangers
Alex Pardee's Doppelgangers
Alex Pardee's Doppelgangers
Alex Pardee's Doppelgangers
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Plaukta cena 19,99 €
Kategorija: Mākslas albumi
Autors Pardee A.
Izdevējs Gingko Press
Izdošanas gads 2015
ISBN 9781584235736

Zerofriends co-founder Alex Pardee returns with a collection of some of the most horrifying and iconic characters of film, video games and comics with Doppelgangers. The monograph displays a parade of serial killers, demons, aliens and psychopaths, from early Universal monsters in melancholy black and white to modern horrors captured in full bloody color. The freaks of cult classics rub shoulders with the slick killers of modern blockbusters, all captured with Pardees signature deranged style and a sense of childlike delight. Nostalgia and terror mix with the blood, guts and slime that drip from the collections pages, but above all, Pardees tongue-in-cheek humor shines through, with characters like Space Balls Dark Helmet jostling for space alongside the Thing, Hannibal Lector and Godzilla. In Doppelgangers, Pardee invites us to get cozy with the evil twins and dark doubles of pop culture.

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