Love Coffee: Baristas Secrets (with 5 stencils)

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Love Coffee: Baristas Secrets (with 5 stencils)
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Kategorija: Kulinārija
Autors Soeder R., Matsuno K.
Izdevējs New Burlington Books
Izdošanas gads 2017
ISBN 9780857621825

Coffee lovers should switch their machine on, get a pitcher of steamed milk ready, prepare a thick espresso base and get set to make a barista-style coffee with the help of this little black book.

Starting with an introduction from the coffee-loving authors, this book has a mouth-watering gallery of baristas around the world showing off their skills before then describing the basic techniques and principles they all live by. It then goes on to explain how to use stencils and the best ways to master free pouring, etching and even 3D foam sculptures. You could make everything from a cute bunny to a stylish snowman to sit atop your mug!

Revealing the secrets of making creative coffee, this book even contains five stencils so you can make stunning works of coffee-based art in the comfort of your own home.

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