Left Hand Writing Skills: Combined CD-ROM

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Left Hand Writing Skills: Combined CD-ROM
Left Hand Writing Skills: Combined CD-ROM
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Tips Stewart M.
Ražotājs Left 'n' Write
Svītrkods 9781869981853

Here are all three titles of the Left Hand Writing Skills series on one handy CDRom, but with a few extras. The CD is licensed for multiple use within one educational establishment only. The 83 worksheets are supplied in pdf format for printing out by teachers or parents in either mono or colour. For Australian users in particular, the CD also carries the cursive font required by the New South Wales Education Department. But, of course, anyone can use this version! For Canadian and Irish users, minor changes have been made to a few worksheets to ensure, for example, appropriate post code or money definitions. The exercises help students through the phases of fine motor skill development, formation and flow of letters and words, and on to successful smudge-free writing using ink. Regular practice to establish good handwriting skills helps left-handers avoid messy writing when it becomes really important - for notes, essays and especially exams. Suitable for Mac and PC.

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