Movie Star Chronicles: A Visual History

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Movie Star Chronicles: A Visual History
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Категория: Музыка. Кино. Театр
Автор Smith I. H., Green D. G.
Издатель New Burlington Books
Год 2015
ISBN 9780857623447

From the stars of the silent era through to today's Hollywood headliners, Movie Star Chronicles is the definitive guide to 330 of our finest actors and actresses - from Christopher Lee to Jennifer Lawrence and James Stewart to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Presented in beautiful hardback, this is a must for any movie buff's bookshelf and provides overviews and opinions on all the actors listed. With a colourful infographic for each star showing the key films in each career, the book also has plenty of stills and photographs to pore over.

Written by esteemed critic Ian Haydn Smith as an encyclopedia for the 21st century, the book also looks a the different genres of films and their role in the development of key character types in the cinematic cannon.

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