Premier League: History In 10 Matches

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Premier League: History In 10  Matches
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Категория: Спорт. Игры
Автор White J.
Издатель Head Of Zeus Press
Год 2013
ISBN 9781781854303

The Premier League transformed the violent terrace culture of the 1970s and 1980s into sophisticated sporting theatre with a global audience of billions.

Sports writer Jim White has chosen ten epic clashes to represent the rise and rise of English football's top flight, evoking the sweat and effort of the matches in thrilling detail. White profiles players, managers and owners; charts the ebb and flow of club fortunes in footballing and fiscal terms; and brings to life the turning-points and moments of drama, joy and despair that have punctuated the first 21 years of global football's most watched league.

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