Improve Your English Over 100 tests and puzzles

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Improve Your English Over 100 tests and puzzles
О товаре
Категория: Словари, языковые самоучители
Автор Bladon, Irvin & Parker
Издатель Usborne Publishing Ltd.
Год 2003
ISBN 9780746030493

If you muddle up your commas with your colons, struggle with your adjectives and your verbs, and are never quite sure when "i" goes before "e", then this text should help. Simple explanations unravel the rules, regulations and variations of the English language and special emphasis has been given to those tricky language problems that people often have trouble with. Puzzles and quizzes enable you to test yourself on what you have learned and to check your progress. The text should be valuable for anyone trying to improve their English language skills.

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