Bad Trip Popper

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Bad Trip Popper
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Категория: Художественные альбомы
Автор M. Kurševa
Издатель Popper Publishing
Год 2015
ISBN 2000002963042

Drawing series about one unplesant adventure. Story below written by Emīls Rode after my recount of this event.

"Already for a couple of weeks Maija had been feeling miserable. One day a friend crawled into her room and gave her an almost-empty little bottle of LSD. A few nights later, there was a huge party with lots of people at Maija’s flat. After the guests were gone, she and her roommate drank the refrigerator empty, and the little bottle too. All night long Maija rolled on the floor while enjoying Dvorak’s music. When the sun came up, she ventured into the street. People looked creepy and frightening. Maija escaped into a park. For a long time she tried to recover a relationship with the outside world, but only burst into tears. With great difficulty, Maija reached her home and switched off. When she awoke, her face was puffy."

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