The Mirror of Love: A Rediscovery of True Love

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The Mirror of Love: A Rediscovery of True Love
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Категория: Образ жизни, секс
Автор Chu Chee-Kong J.
Издатель World Scientific Publishing
Год 2014
ISBN 9789814556736

Current cultural practices have impoverished the true meaning of human love. This book provides a point of reference on human passion and sexuality with pristine clarity. It aims to promote the dignity of marital love, clarify human sexuality based on self-giving love and achieve perpetuity of marriage and happiness in life. Through analogy of theory and practical examples, the book offers solutions to a spectrum of marriage difficulties.

Readership: Students, general public, parents and educators who are looking for answers in relation to fidelity in marital love and solutions to marriage difficulties.

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