Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
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Категория: Фотоискусство
Автор Bani A.
Издатель Thames & Hudson
Год 2010
ISBN 9780500289259

In July 1999, Michael Jackson summoned the 23-year-old Arno Bani to a secret photo shoot, having seen and admired his photographs in the "Sunday Times" fashion pages.
700 photographs were the result, originally intended for the cover of Jacksons 2001 album "Invincible", but ultimately by-passed by his record company in favour of less challenging artwork. Nothing of this extraordinary cache of images has ever been seen by the public until now.

Published in advance of the Pierre Berge auction of the photos in Paris in December 2010, this book offers the world first sight of the entire collection of portraits, as well as all the contact sheets, annotated by Jackson himself. Already generating intense excitement and speculation in the Press and online among Jacksons fans, this low price paperback edition is sure to become a collectors item.

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