Marketing: The Enyclopedic Dictionary

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Marketing: The Enyclopedic Dictionary
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Категория: Экономика. Предпринимательство
Автор Mercer D.
Издатель Blackwell Publishers
ISBN 9780631211266

Dedicated exclusively to marketing topics and designed to be used by practising managers from all fields and by students, Marketing: The Encyclopedic Dictionary is a major contribution to the reference literature on marketing. Building on lessons learned from the author’s leading textbook, Marketing, the Dictionary contains over 3000 entries in total, including: * extensive cross-references * 700 longer articles exploring topics in considerable depth * 800 shorter entries * brief entries on thousands of marketing terms allowing managers and students easy access to authoritative but practical explanations of specific subjects. Marketing: The Encyclopedic Dictionary offers an incomparable reference source in the subject of marketing.

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