Spoonfuls of Honey

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Spoonfuls of Honey
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Категория: Кулинария
Автор Ellis H.
Год 2014
ISBN 9781909108295

A complete guide to the many types of honey and their culinary uses More than 80 honey recipes from all over the world Written by one of the world's foremost experts on bees and honey A comprehensive guide to the magical and mysterious world of honey by acclaimed food writer
Hattie Ellis. Spoonfuls of Honey explores the story of honey, how to taste it and how to use it in cooking. There is a glossary of the types of honey too, including manuka from New Zealand, karoo from South Africa and heather from Scotland. Spoonfuls of Honey is also a sticky, tasty cookbook, with recipes from all over the world. Puddings and ice-creams such as Honey praline cheesecake and Sicilian pistachio, ricotta and honey cake sit alongside savoury dishes such as Roast lamb with a thyme and honey glaze and Moroccan tomato and honey tart. There are dishes for the barbecue, including Sticky jerk ribs and Grilled peaches with lavender-infused honey syrup, and simple salads, breads and drinks. The book will feature sections on Bees in the Garden, Honey in the Kitchen (with advice on how to measure it and cook with it, plus the difference between light and dark honeys and set and runny honeys) and Honey as Medicine.

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