Spanish Design

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Spanish Design
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Категория: Дизайн. Интерьер
Автор Autoru kol.
Издатель Daab
ISBN 9783866540392

The impressive economic and infrastructural development that has taken place in Spain over the past two decades has shaped an optimum breeding ground for unprecedented architectural revolution. The plethora of significant interventions has greatly helped alter the physiognomy of a country, which in the last 20 years has grown a democracy and developed both socially and economically into one of the main European powers. This catalogue aims to create a global vision of design in Spain today, featuring low budget projects, as well as recent scale architectonic milestones, and reviewing a total of 44 studios from the most famous names in the architectural panorama to young unknown architects whose ideas deserve to be made public. An index with contact information of the architects and designers is enclosed.

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