Nicole Maloney. Rare

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Nicole Maloney. Rare
О товаре
Категория: Фотоискусство
Автор Maloney, N.
Издатель Daab
Год 2008
ISBN 9783866540781

RARE is the very first publication on the work of Nicole Maloney. The photographer lives in Los Angeles, home to the celebrities she captures on film. In Rare she portrays reputable public figures and members of the glitterati together with an exotic animal, a juxtaposition that evokes surprising associations. With a foreword by Cindy Crawford. Extract from the list of participants:

Warren Buffett

Rick Caruso

Glenn Close

Roland Emmerich

Heather Graham

Paris Hilton

Dustin Hoffman

Senator John Mc Cain

Barry Manilow

Vidal Sassoon

Julius Shulman

Cindy Crawford

Bridget Moynahan

and many more...

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