IQ Tests. Over 400 Brand New Questions

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IQ Tests. Over 400 Brand New Questions
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Категория: Психология. Педагогика
Автор Carter P.
Издатель Kogan Page
Год 2012
ISBN 9780749468576

Written and compiled by a UK text expert, the questions in IQ Tests are typical of those you are likely to encounter in actual IQ test,They are organised into ten timed tests, each comprising 40 questions, and come with a guide to assisting your performance. By practicing the different types of questions, and learning to recognise recurring themes, it's possible to improve your IQ rating by a few vital points.So whether you are faced with an IQ Test as part of a job interview, or simply wish to exercise your mind for your own entertainment, this book provides you with plenty of opportunity to practice.

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