Palazzi Of Rome: Splendor and Pride

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Palazzi Of Rome: Splendor and Pride
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Категория: История искусства и культуры
Автор Cresti C., Rendina C.
Издатель h.f. Ullmann
Год 2013
ISBN 9783848003310

Palazzi of Rome presents the most magnificent Roman villas and palaces. Brilliant photographs capture the atmosphere of the buildings in their full grandeur and exquisiteness. They lead readers past decorated façades and guide them through elegant halls and artfully arranged gardens. The texts explain how closely the history of the famed dynasties - the Borgheses, Farneses, Colonnas, Corsinis and other old families - is intertwined with their ancestral seats, and how for centuries the higher Roman nobility designed their palaces in the City of Cities as fitting reflections of their own glory. This competition for the most magnificent residence led to the construction of many of the city’s most famous palazzi, which are till today among the unmistakable hallmarks of Rome.

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