The Grumpy Dieter's Handbook

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The Grumpy Dieter's Handbook
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Категория: Справочная литература
Автор Grump I.
Издатель Anova Books
Год 2013
ISBN 9781909396685

The antidote to cheery, upbeat 5:2 diet books - the grumpy guide delves into the misery of dieting and living with a 5:2 dieter
the latest diet sweeping the nation is the 5:2 Fasting Diet, where people are cheerful for five days of the week and grumpy for the other two. the Grumpy Dieter's Handbook tackles the phenomenon of the 5:2 and almost all of the best-selling diets of the last twenty years; the Cambridge, F-Plan, Atkins, Dukan, South Beach and many more. It hands out advice on how to recognise a 5:2 dieter, what they should do on their fast days and what you can do to irritate them. You will find a host of (un)helpful tips, get introduced to the 'Ceremony of the Scales' and learn about alternative diets, such as the tramp's Diet and the Father ted. Plus you will discover the worst fad diets of all time, from Lord Byron's dieting advice for ladies to cotton wool balls for lunch.

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