Riga Tēte-Ā-Tēte

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Riga Tēte-Ā-Tēte
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Категория: Туризм. Путеводители. Карты
Автор Fil O.
Издатель Beaux-Arts
Год 2017
ISBN 9789934869020

"Riga tête-à-tête" is a book and companion, that is not limited to a superficial story or short description, but is based on a strong historical canvas and provides an interesting narrative about architects, artists, and craftsmen who contributed to the unique image of Riga city. It leads the reader down the interesting routes not only of the Old Town, telling about beautiful buildings, sculptures, and stained-glass windows, but also other interesting places in Riga. In addition to the tales of the city, you will be offered intriguing historical evidence beyond the scope of the narration about the Latvian capital. "Riga tête-à-tête" will be of interest both for adults and children. This book is a beautiful and informative gift for both the guests of the capital, and for Rigans, for everyone who loves the beautiful city on the banks of the Daugava.

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