Asking For It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture

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Asking For It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture
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Категория: Политика. Социология
Автор Harding K.
Издатель Perseus Books
Год 2015
ISBN 9780738217024

Every seven minutes, someone in America commits a rape. And whether that's a football star, beloved celebrity, elected official, member of the clergy, or just an average Joe (or Joanna), there's probably a community eager to make excuses for that person.

In Asking for It, Kate Harding combines in-depth research with a frank, no-holds-barred voice to make the case that twenty-first-century America supports rapists more effectively than it supports victims. From institutional failures in higher education to real-world examples of rape culture, Harding offers ideas and suggestions for how we, as a society, can take sexual violence much more seriously without compromising the rights of the accused.

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