Slipcase Myths & Monuments Ancient Egypt

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Slipcase Myths & Monuments  Ancient Egypt
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Категория: История искусства и культуры
Автор Gahlin L., Oakes L.
Издатель Lorenz Books
Год 2018
ISBN 9781782141365

This two-volume survey of ancient Egypt explores all the main sites, temples and tombs, and investigates how mythology and religion underpinned this great civilization. The first book affords an intriguing insight into the state religion of the Egyptians, their gods, goddesses and deified rulers, and their religious and burial practices. The second book deals with the rediscovery of ancient Egypt, and has a full and comprehensive survey of the temples and buildings. Lavishly illustrated throughout with photographs and plans of the sites, these informative volumes will inspire the reader with their accessible and authoritative account of this ancient civilization.

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