The Dinosaur Detectives: 4 Book Set

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The Dinosaur Detectives: 4 Book Set
The Dinosaur Detectives: 4 Book Set
The Dinosaur Detectives: 4 Book Set
The Dinosaur Detectives: 4 Book Set
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Категория: Детская литература
Автор Baudet S.
Издатель Sweet Cherry Publishing
Год 2016
ISBN 9781782262756

The Dinosaur Detectives in the Amazon Rainforest
Matt Sharp has a secret talent: if he touches dinosaur eggs, he experiences mysterious visions of the prehistoric world. This is lucky because Matt wants to be a palaeontologist just like his dad. Now that he's twelve, he's allowed to join his father on an exciting search for dinosaur eggs in the Amazonian rainforest - too bad his annoying eleven-year-old cousin, Jo, is tagging along. Even worse, it looks like Matt's dad's rival is following them! Who will win the race and find the fossils first?

The Dinosaur Detectives in the Frozen Desert
When Matt, Jo, and Dad embark on a new mission at the Cassell Antarctic Research Base, they expect to be able to search this frozen landscape for fossils in peace. But after their precious finds go missing, Matt starts to wonder if Frank Hellman's reach extends further than they'd thought ...Ice can be treacherous, and the trio soon realise the danger of being stuck in coldest, most desolate place on earth.Join Matt and his family on a new, perilous mission in the Antarctic

The Dinosaur Detectives in the Scuttlebutt
Matt and his family go on holiday to Florida! After their perilous adventure in the Amazonian Rainforest, it's time to relax. But, much to Mum's despair, when Matt, Jo and Dad hear rumour of long-forgotten dinosaur eggs lying in a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean, they can't resist diving in to investigate. This should be an easy mission, but there's a storm brewing, and something about the boat in the distance is troubling Matt ...Join Matt and his family on their second thrilling egg-seeking adventure.

The Dinosaur Detectives in the Rainbow Serpent
There's trouble Down Under as Matt, Jo and Dad set off on a new fossil-hunting adventure in the opal mines of Australia: the local miners seem to want them gone, Jo's showing signs of opal fever, and those claustrophobic tunnels don't look very safe either. When the trio's journey into the caves starts to go wrong, they start to suspect that there's something even more sinister afoot ...Can Matt conquer his fears and save the day?

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