Memory - Access Denied?

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Memory - Access Denied?
Memory - Access Denied?
Memory - Access Denied?
Memory - Access Denied?
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Категория: Политика. Социология
Автор Autoru kolektīvs
Издатель Zinātne apgāds
Год 2019
ISBN 9789934549717

Welcome to the launch of "Memory – access denied? Political landscapes of memory and inclusion in contemporary Europe" edited by Deniss Hanovs and Igors Gubenko. The event will be held on Tuesday, January 15th at 3:15 pm, in the Common Room of the Collegium (Fabianinkatu 24, 3rd floor). It is free and open to the public. There will also be a reception to follow the book presentation and discussion. The event is organized in cooperation with The Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The book brings together essays focusing on minorities and counter-memories, and strategies of exclusion and inclusion in specific political contexts. All the essays deal with cases in which access to memory is obstructed in some way. The book searches for new theoretical innovations, seeks to test the limits of methodologies available, and looks for new mnemonic practices and media emerging in different social milieus.

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