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Категория: Детская литература
Автор Howarth L.
Издатель Catnip Publishing
Год 2011
ISBN 9781846471209

The winner of the 1995 Guardian Children's Fiction Award and its sequel - now available in one book! Powers and his son Boothe, alias MapHead, are visitors from the Subtle World - a world that exists side by side with our own. MapHead is able to flash up a map of any place across his head. In the first book, he is twelve and has come to meet his human mother for the first time. In the second, he is a little older and plays a vital role in helping Jack Stamp and his family. These best-selling and highly acclaimed novels can now be owned together for the very first time in an attractive, top-value bind-up.;Winner of the WH Smith Mind-Boggling Books Award. Also Highly Commended for the Carnegie Award and shortlisted for the 1995 Young Telegraph Book of the Year.

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