Kit Cope Rides the High Country

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Kit Cope Rides the High Country
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Категория: Художественная литература на английском языке
Автор Barrell A. E.
Издатель Melrose Books
Год 2012
ISBN 9781907732638

It is the late nineteenth century, and the great western frontier is nearing its end; the buffalo herds have been hunted out, the great open plains fenced off by the land-hungry settlers, and the last of the Indians driven onto the reservations. But when the infamous Indian renegade God Dog jumps his reservation and a family of innocent sod busters are massacred, a father and son murdered, and a mother and two daughters taken captive, a harrowing manhunt and desperate rescue mission must begin.God Dog is fleeing into the uncharted wastes to the west known and feared as The Staked Plains: the waterless barren craggy wastes where even the white man is afraid to venture, but where the Comanche find themselves happily at home.Meanwhile in the small Kansas town of Wagon Trail, a naive but ambitious young buffalo skinner turned peace-officer named Kit Cope, who has dreamed all his life of such an opportunity to prove himself,is determined to convince the level-headed town sheriff, Rainbow Cotton, to form a posse of men to hunt the Indian down and recover his captives, a harrowing manhunt that will test their very lives and bring many to an early end...for they must pick up the Indian's trail and follow it unflinchingly into the unknown draws and distances of the Stakes Plains, The Last Stronghold of the Comanche.Fraught with adventure and peril, hope and disillusionment; cruelty, violence, and the persistence of boyish love, Kit Cope Rides the High Country is a story of two worlds at an end and the last stubborn holdouts on both sides who must meet for a final epic clash in an unseasonable echo of a former age.

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