The Ice Sea Pirates

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The Ice Sea Pirates
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Категория: Детская литература
Автор Nilsson F.
Издатель Gecko Press
Год 2018
ISBN 9781776572007

The cold bites and the sea lashes in this page-turning adventure on the ice seas. No one but ten-year-old Siri dares to face treacherous sailors, hungry wolves and the arctic winter to save her younger sister from the dreaded Captain Whitehead and his ice sea pirates. An icy adventure with a warm heart, The Ice Sea Pirates is a fantastical celebration of the precious power of love. Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of The Girl of Ink and Stars Philosophical, breathtakingly beautiful and unwaveringly kind, The Ice Sea Pirates is a wild adventure with a huge heart. If brave Siri ran the world, it would be a much kinder place ... a beautiful book singing with hope and justice. Sarah Driver, author of The Huntress

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