House Plants

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House Plants
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Категория: Земледелие. Садоводство
Издатель Littlehampton
ISBN 9781840913972

Andy Sturgeon shows us how indoor plants are good for our environment and for our souls, as well as looking pretty good too. He steers us towards sophisticated succulents and away from naff cheese plants - if cooking is your thing, the section on herbs and edibles will revitalize your windowsill. The Potted Guide to Houseplants is not only a comprehensive care manual, it is also a guide to co-ordinating plants to room design and living conditions. Andy selects over 150 plants and shows us how to make them thrive with minimum effort. Whether you have a gloomy bathroom or a bright office, there's something to suit all requirements - including some miraculous unkillable plants for those of us who can't keep anything alive for more than five minutes. Shaped by Andy's philosophy that plant care should be satisfying and simple, and accompanied by fabulous special photography, this is the essential guide to indoor plants.

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