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Fresh Faced Beauty: Make Your Own Bath, Body & Haircare Recipes for a Healthy Glow

12,99 €
2,00 €
Master homemade hygiene with these recipes for soaps, body washes, creams, deodorants, shampoo, and other natural products! When model Alex Brennan discovered that conventional treatments, laden with harmful chemicals, could be contributing to her sudden hair loss, she created her own handmade products—and her hair grew back. Now, you can go all-natural too, with her recipes for luxury lotions, cellulite-busting body scrubs, hand sanitizers, and teeth whiteners. So whether you want to whip up a fragrant citrus shampoo, minty anti-bacterial mouthwash, soothing lip balms, or muscle-relief bath salts, this book makes sure that the kitchen is the only cosmetics counter you’ll need to visit. Alex Brennan is an Australian international model, author, and blogger, and founder of The Model Handmade (—the all-natural beauty line made with love, not harmful chemicals. Alex is a certified yoga instructor and an advocate for modern well-being. She follows a vegan diet and believes in a holistic, balanced approach to healthy living.
Издатель Pavilion Books
Год 2017
ISBN 9781911216889
Авторы Brennan A.