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Masters of Italian Art: Titan

The volumes in this bibliophile series provide unique portraits of European art history. Readers gain fascinating insights into the artists biographies and their styles of working Durer and his famous portraits and altarpieces the vivid farm scenes of Pieter Bruegel the great painters of the Italian Renaissance the symphonies in colour of Titian the mysterious chiaroscuro paintings of Caravaggio the rococo worlds of Antoine Watteau and the great historical paintings created by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. Competent texts illustrate the decisive stages in the artists lives and the development of their styles explaining their impact against the background of their social context as well as their significance for following generations of artists. Plentiful large sized illustrations showcase each artist s oeuvre. Each volume contains a comprehensive appendix providing information on the artists biographies in tabular form as well as an extensive bibliography. Each of the authors of the individual volumes is renowned in his or her field. Titian 1490 1576 was one of the most versatile of Italian painters equally adept with portraits landscape backgrounds and mythological and religious subjects. His painting methods particularly in the application and use of color would exercise a profound influence not only on painters of the Italian Renaissance but on future generations of Western art. During the course of his long life Titian s artistic manner changed drastically but he retained a lifelong interest in color. Although his mature works may not contain the vivid luminous tints of his early pieces their loose brushwork and subtlety of tone are without precedent in the history of Western art. In this volume numerous large sized illustrations showcase the artist s oeuvre and authoritative texts illustrate the decisive stages in the artist s life and in the development of his work explaining their significance in the context of his time.
Izdevējs Ulmann
ISBN 9783848005550