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Pack! Pack!

This is a lavishly illustrated journey into the art and science of packaging, featuring some of the most innovative and creative designs from around the world. Whether it's pure function or high art, packaging is about much more than just containing your product. This title combines elements of art and science, great packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs, inspires, amuses, and sells! Brimming with full-color photography and illustrations, "Packaging Design" presents a showcase of the most innovative and creative packaging designs from some of the finest graphic designers and design firms worldwide. This volume also takes a look at some of the cutting edge advancements in packaging, such as Bakelite closures on bottles, transparent cellophane overwraps, and the use of image panels on cartons.
Publishing house Instituto Monsa de Ediciones
Year 2010
ISBN 9788496823150
Author Abellan M., Jorda A.