Veikala virtuālā tūre

Veikala virtuālā tūre

Top 10 books
05/18/2020 - 05/24/2020

Dienasgrāmata 1947-1960

Belševica V.



Krieva āda

Rukšāne D.



Kariete uz Santjago

Ulberga K.



Livonijas debesis

Žolude I., Aleksejevs T.



Skūpstu ezers

Devero D.



Rīgas tirgi pirms 100 gadiem

Caune A.



Livonijas slazdā

Zandis M.




Īrisa zieds margrietiņu pļavā

Čemberlena D.



Katru dienu ar piesitienu

Grīnbergs A.



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"Towering flame" - The Life & Times of ‘Peter the Painter’, By Philip Ruff

The Houndsditch murders of three City of London policemen in 1910 and the ensuing “Siege of Sidney Street”, in which Latvian anarchists took on Winston Churchill and the British Army, have entered into East London folklore. But no one ever accounted for the mysterious Peter the Painter, popularly supposed to be the leader of the gang and to have escaped the burning house during the battle. This book solves the mystery. Here for the first time is proof of the real identity of Peter the Painter; the amazing story of his life and revolutionary career; and of the hitherto unknown history of Latvian anarchism. The violent events in London are revealed to be part of a much bigger story which lay behind them – the 1905 revolution in the Baltic and the armed resistance to Russian state terrorism which followed it. This is a story of class war, revolution and survival; and of a small nation striving to assert its identity; a story that, in the context of a resurgence of Russian imperial ambition aimed at the Baltic States, has particular resonance today.

Laiks dārzam!

Sapnis par dārzu

Vilsone K.



Dārzs uz balkona

Saltā I.



Dārza noslēpumu grāmata

Smits E.K.



Garšaugi dārzā

Ulēniusa A.



Dārzs visiem

Vidlunda S.



Latvisks dārzs

Autoru kolektīvs



Siltumnīcas. Uzbūvē sapņu māju saviem augiem!

Gailīte M., Klovāne I.


10 latest additions



Hasselblad Masters: Emotion

Hasselblad--manufacturer of the finest photographic technology for more than five decades--sponsors the elite Masters contest each year, recognizing both the top established and upcoming photographers. Starting with 1,700 accomplished entrants who...

James R.


Nomad: Two Worlds

A collaboration of artists, as well as cultures, this project traces a creative journey of several years. In 2008 internationally renowned Australian photographer Russell James was moved by his government's formal apology to the indigenous people ...

Kronbergs J.


Dzejoļu izlase. Selected Poems

Atdzejojusi Māra Rozīte
“Juris Kronbergs ir dzejnieks, kura dzinējspēks ir Laiks — Pagātne, Tagadne, Nākotne. Šo milzu nastu gan sev, gan līdzcilvēkiem viņš padara vieglāku un dziļāku ar prasmīgu ironiju un sirds siltumu.”/Knuts Skujenieks.

Ļaviņa D. sastād.


Baltars ENG

Izdevums “Baltars” ir plašākais un apjomīgākais līdz šim porcelāna apgleznošanas darbnīcai veltītais pētījums. Tā nolūks ir sniegt pēc iespējas detalizētāku priekšstatu par to, cik no Latvijas kultūras kanonā iekļautajiem “Baltars” izstrādājumiem ...

Ļaviņa D. sastād.


Baltars LV

Izdevums “Baltars” ir plašākais un apjomīgākais līdz šim porcelāna apgleznošanas darbnīcai veltītais pētījums. Tā nolūks ir sniegt pēc iespējas detalizētāku priekšstatu par to, cik no Latvijas kultūras kanonā iekļautajiem “Baltars” izstrādājumiem ...

Rudzitis H.


The Adventures of my Life

The Adventures of my Life, as Helmars Rudzitis called his book, has been translated into English for his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. I hope that while reading it they will be inspired to follow in hi...

Hegbrook T.


StoryWorlds: A Moment in Time: A Perpetual Picture Atlas

Freeze time for a moment around the world and discover an incredible array of events, from a herd of swimming elk in Canada to a nomad leading his camels through the Sahara Desert. The unique 'perpetual’ format of three books in one takes the read...

Litton J., Hegbrook T.


The Earth Book: A World of Exploration and Wonder

Welcome to a world of wonders! In this enormous book about the Earth there is so much to explore!

Readers can marvel at the physical planet, travel back in time to primordial Earth, explore all branches of the tree of life, discover habitats from...

Munroe R.


Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words

From the No. 1 bestselling author of What If? - the man who created xkcd and explained the laws of science with cartoons - comes a series of brilliantly simple diagrams ('blueprints' if you want to be complicated about it) that show how important ...



Be True to Yourself

Live brave. Be true to yourself. Follow your deeply held values. Be good to yourself and others. Tread gently on the earth.

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