Veikala virtuālā tūre

Veikala virtuālā tūre

Top 10 books
10/14/2019 - 10/20/2019

Brālība 2

Margēviča A.




Ikstena N.



Suņa dzīve. Stāsti un suneti

Ikstena N., Vilipsōns




Račko K.



Latviešu leģionāra piezīmes

Siliņš Z.



Ragana bez diploma

Nella no Krotes



Melanholiskais valsis

Krekle M.



Klubs plkst. 5 no rīta

Šarma R.



Sūzanas efekts

Hēgs P.



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"Towering flame" - The Life & Times of ‘Peter the Painter’, By Philip Ruff

The Houndsditch murders of three City of London policemen in 1910 and the ensuing “Siege of Sidney Street”, in which Latvian anarchists took on Winston Churchill and the British Army, have entered into East London folklore. But no one ever accounted for the mysterious Peter the Painter, popularly supposed to be the leader of the gang and to have escaped the burning house during the battle. This book solves the mystery. Here for the first time is proof of the real identity of Peter the Painter; the amazing story of his life and revolutionary career; and of the hitherto unknown history of Latvian anarchism. The violent events in London are revealed to be part of a much bigger story which lay behind them – the 1905 revolution in the Baltic and the armed resistance to Russian state terrorism which followed it. This is a story of class war, revolution and survival; and of a small nation striving to assert its identity; a story that, in the context of a resurgence of Russian imperial ambition aimed at the Baltic States, has particular resonance today.

10 latest additions

Schreoeder P.


Cut, Fold and Hold: Cardboard Craft for the Home

This work is filled with detailed photographic instructions on how to create some truly amazing items from cardboard.

Trenchi C.


Mug Cakes: Sweet & Savory Recipes

All you need is a mug or ramekin—and a few minutes—to cook one of these sweet and savory recipes. Because these microwavable meals are mixed, heated, and served in that single dish, there’s little prep time and practically nothing to clean. The 60...

Trenchi C.


Detox: Practical Tips and Recipes for Clean Eating

Tired? Listless? Low energy? It might be time for a detox! Through the power of good eating, and foods that relieve and cleanse the body, you can enjoy a renewed feeling of wellness, lightness, and vitality. These quick and easy recipes—which use ...

Trenchi C.


Superfoods: Healthy, Nourishing and Energizing

Superfoods like goji berries, spinach, bulgur, and yogurt are nutritional treasures—and a path to good health. With these delicious, quick, and easy-to-follow recipes, it’s simple to integrate them into your daily diet and increase your intake of ...

Du Ying, Shan Shan


Oriental Tattoo Art: Contemporary Masters

Asian tattoo art, especially that of China and Japan, has gained admirers around the world in recent years. Through interviews with artists and the presentation of their work, this title puts the charm of contemporary oriental tattoo art on full d...



Under the Skin: Tattoo Culture and Style

An art form unique in the world, tattoos are as varied in style and form as the living bodies they adorn. Under the Skin examines tattoos from three different angles, through the work of more than 37 artists. First the book explores cultural histo...

Guarnaccia M.


Pirates : Culture and Style 15th Century to Present

Whether reviled as criminals or upheld as symbols of ultimate freedom, it can't be denied that the figure of the pirate has had an unmistakable impact on everything from modern fashion and literature to art and classic cinema. Pirates is a map to ...



Landscape Installation Art II

A 100 square meter flower pavilion that roams central London; delicate golden rice illuminated to honor the king of Thailand in Bangkok; a heart in Times Square made of planks from boardwalks destroyed by Hurricane Sandy; an entire 65 foot tall tr...

Patterson D. A.


Beats to the Rhyme

Author Al Patterson started collecting vinyl in elementary school. He's since amassed a serious collection and deep knowledge of instrumental-only hip hop records. Some are 'performance' records that were pressed in very small numbers for use excl...

Pardee A.


Alex Pardee's Doppelgangers

Zerofriends co-founder Alex Pardee returns with a collection of some of the most horrifying and iconic characters of film, video games and comics with Doppelgangers. The monograph displays a parade of serial killers, demons, aliens and psychopaths...

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