Veikala virtuālā tūre

Veikala virtuālā tūre

Top 10 books
07/25/2022 - 07/31/2022

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Jundze A.



Ievads Ukrainas vēsturē

Klišāns V.



Ceļš uz kalpību

Hajeks F.



622. istabas noslēpums

Dikērs Ž.



Kas lēni nāk...

Judina D.



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"Towering flame" - The Life & Times of ‘Peter the Painter’, By Philip Ruff

The Houndsditch murders of three City of London policemen in 1910 and the ensuing “Siege of Sidney Street”, in which Latvian anarchists took on Winston Churchill and the British Army, have entered into East London folklore. But no one ever accounted for the mysterious Peter the Painter, popularly supposed to be the leader of the gang and to have escaped the burning house during the battle. This book solves the mystery. Here for the first time is proof of the real identity of Peter the Painter; the amazing story of his life and revolutionary career; and of the hitherto unknown history of Latvian anarchism. The violent events in London are revealed to be part of a much bigger story which lay behind them – the 1905 revolution in the Baltic and the armed resistance to Russian state terrorism which followed it. This is a story of class war, revolution and survival; and of a small nation striving to assert its identity; a story that, in the context of a resurgence of Russian imperial ambition aimed at the Baltic States, has particular resonance today.

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Vieglas dārzs




Latvijas dabas brīnumi

Eniņš G.







Saule un viņas puķes

Kaura R.



Berries: Garden and Countryside Delights

Havenith C.




Summer Cooking

Walford R.




Grilēti ēdieni

Kalniņa I.


10 latest additions

Vītols V.


On Russia. A neighbour`s experience

On Russia is an analysis of the EU’s Baltic neighbor and on how its leaders have shaped Russia’s history as a nation trough centuries. The present study combines the author’s personal experience, as well as his deep knowledge in the region’s histo...

Repše G.



This multilayered and intricately patterned novel is one in the prize-winning series of historical novels We. Latvia. The 20th Century. It is an unflinching exploration of wartime Latvia in 1940-41, the time of Soviet repression and deportations a...



The Other and the Self

Dr. hist. Kaspara Kļaviņa monogrāfija angļu valodā ir veltīta Rietumu un Austrumu starpkultūru komunikācijai. Autors grāmatā vispusīgi atklāj, kā Tuvo un Vidējo Austrumu un Rietumu sabiedrībā vēsturiski veidojusies izpratne par taisnīgumu un netai...

Courtney-Tickle J., Hegarty P.


Animal Journeys

Use this beautifully illustrated book to find out about some extraordinary animal odysseys, from mass migrations to flying fish, from pollination to echolocation. Discover how animals adapt to their environments to help them thrive and survive in ...

Osborme V.


Old Dog, Puppy Dog

The adventures of Taz, a puppy, and Grace, an older dog, during a busy day are beautifully captured in this picture book which younger children will enjoy.

Hyatt O., Ellis L.


The Very Boring Owl

A quirky tale of a very boring owl... perhaps this should have been a story about something else!The Very Boring Owl sits on the roof all day, and night, though all the seasons. Wouldn t it have been better to tell a story about pirates, superhero...

Kronbergs J.


Dzejoļu izlase. Selected Poems

Atdzejojusi Māra Rozīte
“Juris Kronbergs ir dzejnieks, kura dzinējspēks ir Laiks — Pagātne, Tagadne, Nākotne. Šo milzu nastu gan sev, gan līdzcilvēkiem viņš padara vieglāku un dziļāku ar prasmīgu ironiju un sirds siltumu.”/Knuts Skujenieks.

Hegbrook T.



StoryWorlds: A Moment in Time: A Perpetual Picture Atlas

Freeze time for a moment around the world and discover an incredible array of events, from a herd of swimming elk in Canada to a nomad leading his camels through the Sahara Desert. The unique 'perpetual’ format of three books in one takes the read...

Brecher E.



How Do You Turn Water into Wine?

Scratch your head over these puzzle questions, all of which are based on real-world science. As you answer the question, you'll be learning how to do everything from turning water into wine to cracking safes, and how to build a time machine!


Perry D.



Obsessions: Bicycles

More and more people are taking to two wheels, whether for their commutes, for competition or simply for enjoyment. But there is far more to the world of bicycles and bicycle snobs than meets the eye. Which type of bike, for instance would one rid...

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