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History of Latvia

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Atslēgas. Treasures of Latvia`s 100 years' history

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This book summarises 50 of the most significant events in Latvian history for a period of 100 years (1918-2018) as discussed in Mārtiņš Ķibilds’ TV documentary “Keys. Discoveries from a century of Latvian history”. These historical events are viewed from an unusual perspective, “unlocking the doors” to less well-known and particularly intriguing facts. “Whatever was once set in motion will never end,” said Mārtiņš Ķibilds, who, though not a historian, found history to be one of the greatest passions of his life. This is also reflected in his analysis of events, which suggests a detective-like pursuit of facts and sharp-eyed perspective on less well-known, including inconvenient, events in Latvia’s past. The new publication does not attempt to be an academic study or an encyclopaedic collection of facts. Instead, it invites every reader – irrespective of age and knowledge of history – to take part in a critical discussion to dispel myths about decisive events in the past and trace significant correlations between them, as well as create links with the present. Publisher: SIA “Japa” Date of issue: 2022 Number of pages: 304 Type of binding: Hard cover Dimensions: 170 x 240 mm Language: English
Publishing house Autora izdevums
Year 2022
ISBN 9789934911019
Language angļu
Pages 328
Book cover cietie vāki
Weight 0.9100
Size 24cm x 17.7cm x 3.1cm