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The Kodak Book of Scrapbooking Photos of Your Children

7,79 €
5,00 €
Here's expect advice on the subject that inspires more scrapbooks than any other: kids. When it comes to their children, parents have so many precious moments, from everyday events at home to meaningful milestones, that they want to preserve forever. Thanks to Kodak they can, beautifully. From creative ways to embellish layouts to enlightening advice on journaling, this collection offers more than 100 fantastic pages designed by today's top scrapbooking creators. Explore fresh ideas for commemorating everything from playgroup fun to sporting events. Learn how to use color and texture to capture the essence of your child. Get tips on incorporating memorabilia such as artwork and report cards. Plus, because great pages begin with great photos, Kodak provides insights on snapping pictures worth treasuring.
Publishing house Lark Books
Year 2007
ISBN 9781579909642
Author Arquette K., Zocchi A.