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A Gentleman's Look Book

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A gentleman is not only recognizable by his singular appearance and charm, but also by his meticulously chosen wardrobe. And there's no one better to curate this book of the best of menswear but the pope of men's style, Bernhard Roetzel, author of the bestseller The Gentleman. In his all-new A Gentleman's Look Book, Roetzel presents stylish combinations for every occasion—from elegant to casual chic. Roetzel has summoned the best-dressed and most influential men from the fashion blogosphere to share their favorite looks. What should a man wear to a business lunch, over the weekend, or on special occasions? From the tie to the shoe, from the shirt to the tuxedo—everything a man needs for a stylish appearance is shown in exquisite color photos and diverse, elegant outfits. Bernhard Roetzel, born 1966, is an author, journalist, and one of the most sought-after experts of classic gentleman's style in Germany. He has written several books on the subject and regularly writes for German and international magazines.
Publishing house h.f. Ullmann
Year 2017
ISBN 9783848011407
Author Roetzel B.