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History of Latvia

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Latvian Ethnic Symbols for Strength un Protection

12,59 €
10,07 €
This book describes 20 traditional Latvian signs, their symbolic, empowering, protecting and curative meaning. They are seen here pictured as ornamentation. A sign can be of assistance in specific cases - for defense, good luck, ailments, to keep and hold close for life. Like the Sun - for those seeking brightness and harmony, Fire-cross - for energy and protection, Māra - good health and fertility, Jumis - prosperity, well-being... If we connect our brainwaves to the signs’ field of energy, intuition will show the way, the right course. This book urges you become more familiar with the ethnic Latvian signs, and put them to good use today when safeguarding, or conjuring up strength. Design - Irēna Ansava.
Publishing house APGĀDS PŪCE IK
Year 2014
ISBN 9789934840395
Author Garokalna Daina
Language angļu
Pages 64
Book cover cietie vāki
Weight 0.21
Size 15x15